New at maib: classic + deposit for 1800 days on even better terms

Invest your savings safely and advantageously with the new classic+ deposit, specially designed for legal entities.

With an extended term of 1800 days (5 years), with this new deposit, you can make additional deposits and partial withdrawals if you have a minimum account balance of 200 thousand MDL/ 20 thousand EUR, USD.

An additional advantage of the classic+ deposit is its flexibility. After 365 days, you can request a full withdrawal of the deposit before the maturity date, and you will receive the calculated and paid interest except the interest for the last month.

The interest rate is:

  • for MDL 2.75%
  • for EUR 0.30%
  • for USD 0.80%

Being a floating interest rate, it will change twice a year, on 01.01 and 01.07.

It is super transparent so that any customer can calculate it.

You can access the calculation formula here.

Why open a maib deposit?

  • Your savings are safe with a stable and reliable bank.

To find out all the conditions for receiving, completing and returning deposits for legal entities, go here and contact us if you need to:

  • 1314 – free calls from the Republic of Moldova only, Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00 / Saturday 08:00-17:00;
  • 022 027 283

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