The maib Glodeni branch: customer-focused, comfortable and modern design

In line with the renewed brand identity, with a customer-centric layout, with areas dedicated to fast service for one-stop operations, full of colour and smiles, the maib Glodeni Branch is at the disposal of customers - individuals and businesses.

Customers will benefit from support, assistance and expert information from maib professionals in an innovative, friendly and newly designed environment.

The branch is divided into several distinct areas, furnished according to maib standards, focusing on customer convenience and accessibility of services. At the same time, the branch's good organisation ensures that customers spend the best possible time on banking operations.

In the self-service area, customers can do quick self-service banking operations such as paying credit or bills, checking their accounts, depositing cash into their accounts and more. The self-service area is part of the maib 365 concept and is open 365 days a year, 24/7.  Another area in the branch that ensures fast operations is the transactional area, which allows several banking operations to be carried out at a single counter promptly and efficiently.

The consultative area is a comfortable, semi-private space where customers will feel relaxed enough to make important decisions. Specialists in this area will offer advice on any question related to long-term commitments, from complex personal loans to business development.

Elena Lupașco, Director of the maib Glodeni Branch:

In our continuous journey towards innovation and modernisation, the maib Glodeni Branch has renewed its visual identity, becoming even more friendly to our customers.

We got inspired by the strength and stability that maib has been offering to customers for years, and now we have added a dash of elegance and innovation to serve our customers professionally in a modern, pleasant and comfortable environment. We invite you to discover the new design of the maib Glodeni branch and enjoy an innovative and personalised banking experience."

Located at 21 Tricolor Street in Glodeni, maib Glodeni Branch awaits its customers from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, without a break. For a faster and more pleasant experience, schedule your visit to the branch through the Earlyone mobile app.

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