Maib branches – available to customers on weekends as well

Even on weekends, you may need banking service and advice at maib.

Because we understand your needs and want you to benefit from the best banking experiences, we are informing you about the decision to update the working hours for several branches in Chișinău and across the country.

We also work on Saturdays:

From February 11, the following maib units will have an activity schedule on Saturdays:

  • Vulcănești Branch, UTAG, Vulcănești town, 38, Plotnikov Street
  • Căușeni Branch, Căușeni town, 14, Mihai Eminescu Avenue
  • Anenii Noi Branch, Anenii Noi town, 6, 31 August Street,
  • Cantemir Branch, Cantemir town, 3, Ștefan Vodă Street
  • Șoldănești Branch, Șoldănești town, 2, Păcii Street
  • Florești Branch, Florești town, 41, 31 August Street
  • Rezina Brnch, Rezina town, 5, 27 August Street
  • Ismail Branch, Chișinău municipality, 8, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt Avenue
  •  Agency no.1 of “Ismail” Branch, Chișinău municipality, 47, Bulgară Street
  • Agency no.2 of “Nisporeni’ Branch, Nisporeni city, 2, Suveranității 10 Street
  • Agency no.7 of Cahul Branch, Cahul municipality, 1 a/1, Ștefan cel Mare Street

We also work on Sundays

From February 12, on Sundays, the following maib units will be available to customers:

  • Hîncești Branch, Hîncești municipality, 6, Chișinăului Street
  • Lipcani Branch, Briceni district, Lipcani town, 1, M.Frunze Street
  • Șoldănești Branch, Șoldănești town, 2, Păcii Street
  • Florești Branch, Florești town, 41, 31 August Street

We already work on Saturdays

Previously, considering the requests expressed by customers, maib revised the working hours for the following branches in Chișinau, which also work on Saturdays:

  • "Onisifor Ghibu" Branch, Chișinău municipality, 184/3, Alba-Iulia Street
  • “Alecu Russo” Branch, Chișinău municipality, 63/6, Alecu Russo Street
  • “Decebal” Branch, Chișinău municipality, 139, Decebal Avenue
  • “Miron Costin” Branch, Chișinău municipality, 9/5, Moscova Avenue

To find out details and the working hours of maib branches, visit the web page.

We remind you that digital solutions from maib are available anywhere and anytime. You can enjoy remote banking through the maibank mobile app, Internet Banking, and maib 365 zones

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