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Digital is the perfect choice for those who prefer mobility and financial flexibility. It offers free card top-up via PayPal, available through the Visa Concierge chatbot's special menu. It is opened and issued directly in the maibank app
from 0 MDL per month (smart pricing)
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maib freelance digital


Maib freelance digital is a digital card, without a physical card attached. The card is issued in a few minutes through the maibank app, without coming to the bank.

In a few clicks, you get an active digital card in the app that you can immediately add to your Apple Wallet, Google Wallet and Garmin Pay wallet for payments with your smartphone and smart watch, and for online shopping you use the card data right from the app.

Maib freelance digital has all the benefits of the physical maib freelance card, being intended for freelancers who can top-up the card from their PayPal e-wallet for free.

Important! Currently, the digital card is only available to maib customers. To open it, you need the maibank app installed on your phone.

Payment system and card type

Visa Gold Rewards contactless

Free access to digital services from maibank

  • PIN setting/modification directly in the maibank app
  • utilities’ payment
  • p2p transfers from your card to any maib card
  • income and expenditure analysis

Top-up through maib

  • p2p transfers between maib cards
  • ATM anв at maib branches and agencies

Cash withdrawal

  • at maib contactless ATMs

Free top-up of the card through other banks:

  • top-up card from PayPal without commission fee
  • top-up from the card of other banks in the Republic of Moldova through the p2p service from the maibank app
  • transfers through the Visa / Mastercard payment systems
  • interbank transfers in the Republic of Moldova

Dedicated chatbot

  • discounts, offers, promo codes and 24/7 support through the Visa chatbot where a section dedicated to maib freelance has been launched

Taxi discount

  • 2 rides per month with Teleport at a 50% discount, but no more than 60 lei for each ride. Pay for your rides with the maib freelance Visa card in the Teleport app and the discount will be applied automatically.

Card issuing and maintenance - free of charge 

  • is issued only from the maibank app
  • free maintenance for monthly payments over 4000 MDL /200 EUR/USD

commission fees

Card maintenance


  • for payments from 4000 MDL per month (Smart Pricing)

otherwise - 35 MDL/ 1.75 USD/EUR 

Card issuance


Payments at shops


in the Republic of Moldova and abroad

Card top-up through maib


  • P2P transfers between maib cards
  • account top-ups at agencies and maib branches
Card top-up through other banks
  • top-up from PayPal wallet - free
  • top-up via p2p from the card of other banks in the Republic of Moldova via maibank - free of charge
  • card transfer via Visa / Mastercard payment systems - 1 per month free, other 0.5%
  • foreign currency transfer via SWIFT - 0,7%
  • bank transfer from the bank/other banks from the Republic of Moldova – 0
Cash withdrawal in maib’s ATM/POS network *depending on the technical capabilities of the ATM/POS terminal
  • 3 MDL/0.15 EUR/USD from the maib ATM equipped with the contactless function
  • 0.3%, maximum 60 MDL/3 EUR/USD at POS-bank terminal in maib agencies and branches
  • 0.3% at maib agencies and branches without the presence of the card
Cash withdrawal in other banks subdivisions/ATM/POS network *depending on the technical capabilities of the ATM/POS terminal
  • 1%+30 MDL/1.5 EUR/USD
  • from ATMs/subdivisions of banks in the Republic of Moldova
  • 1.5%+60 MDL/3 EUR/USD
  • from ATMs/subdivisions of banks abroad
P2P transfer to another bank's card
  • 1.5% min 20 MDL /1 EUR/USD
  • on the bank card from the Republic of Moldova
  • 1.5% min 30 MDL/1.5 EUR/USD
  • on the card of the bank abroad
Online and information services


  • setting/changing the PIN code in the maibank app
  • chat bot
  • maibank / internet banking
  • push - notification regarding online card operations
  • monthly statement by e-mail
  • balance view in ATMs/maib subdivisions – the first 5 views per month
  • mini-statement in maib ATMs – the first 3 monthly views
  • 10 MDL
  • SMS notification


More details about rates here.

frequent questions

Any maib customer can open a digital card directly from the maibank app. If you are not yet a maib customer, but you want a digital card, we are waiting for you at any maib branch.

The digital card has the same advantages as the physical, plastic one, but it is issued exclusively in the maibank app.  Likewise, the card has a number, validity period and CVV code that are always available in the app.

Digital cards are issued in a few minutes in the maibank app. To open a digital card, access the app, press the Open a new card button, select the desired digital card: maib daily digital or maib freelance digital and follow the instructions on the screen.

The following types of digital cards are issued at the moment:

The card opening is free of charge, and the maintenance will be 0 MDL, if the monthly payments exceed 3000 MDL/150EUR/150 USD.

Payments at the POS terminal (shops, restaurants, public transport, etc.) – you pay with your smartphone or smartwatch, adding the digital card to the Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or Garmin Pay electronic wallet.

Online or in-app payments. You have two options:

  1. use the digital card data available in the maibank mobile app, Card Information section;
  2. select Apple Wallet, Google Wallet or Garmin Pay as your payment method where available.

Yes! After adding the maib digital card to Apple Wallet, Google Wallet or Garmin Pay and setting the PIN code through the maibank app, you can withdraw cash through:

  • maib contactless ATMs;
  • another bank’s ATM equipped with the contactless function;
  • maib POS terminal in agencies and branches (depending on its technical capabilities).

Yes, it is possible.

The digital card data is available in the maibank app, Card information section. It contains the following data: name and surname of the holder, card number, CVV code, and validity period.

Like a regular plastic card, the digital card is valid for 4 years.

Blocking or unblocking the digital card is carried out:

  • directly from the maibank app. Go to the Cards section, then Card options, and click on the Block/Unblock button
  • by calling to the Contact Center service at the short number 1313 or +373 22 45 06 03
  • at any maib branch.

To close a digital card, it is necessary to come to maib.

Of course! Follow the steps bellow:

  • Access the maibank app and click on the digital card
  • Press the Card information button and click on the "eye" symbol
  •  Press the card number and hold for a few seconds
  • The message Copied will appear on the screen
  • Open the merchant's page and enter the copied data.

If necessary, come to the nearest maib branch, send us a message to the e-mail address or call the Contact Center:

  • 1313 – free calls 24/7 only from the Republic of Moldova;
  • +373 22 45 06 03 - standard rate number, callable from any network abroad.  

Smart pricing provides certain conditions (collection, payment by card), which are exempt from paying the monthly card administration fee.

Monthly collection on the card means transfers received through the p2p service, transfers from another bank or accounts of other major clients, cash deposits with ATMs or payment terminals.

Monthly payments are commercial point payments online, including via the maibank mobile application or internet banking (payment of bills and services). Monthly payments do not consider p2p transfers, cash withdrawals or other transfers.

Only financial settled transactions¹ in that month are considered in Smart pricing.

¹Financial settlement - actual debiting of money from the card account following a card payment transaction.

The settlement deadline for card transactions is a maximum of 30 days.

How to set the PIN code for your digital card

  • Open the maibank app
  • Click on the digital card for which you want to set the PIN code
  • Select “Set PIN code” from the digital card options
  • Enter the four-digit PIN you want to set
  • Repeat the PIN
  • Confirm through existing authorization methods
  • Enter the received password and press "Confirm"
  • Congratulations! The PIN has been set.

How to change your digital card PIN if you've forgotten it:

  • Open the maibank app
  • Click on the digital card
  • Select the "Change PIN code" option
  • Follow the steps similar to the setup.

The daily PIN setting/change limit is 2 successful attempts per digital card.

For more details, access the Pin by SMS and Assign PIN Service Instructions

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