visa classic

the card is issued as part of salary packages and is suitable for salary collection. it comes bundled with convenient and free services for the employee.
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visa classic


The Visa Classic card is issued in three salary packages. Depending on the card package Visa Classic can be issued together with another free card account:

  • Salary Daily – Visa Classic;
  • Salary Loyalty - Visa Classic and gama universal;
  • Salary Premium - Visa Classic and gama premium.

The Salary Loyalty and Salary Premium packages will allow you to benefit from all the advantages and special offers dedicated to premium cards: gama universal and gama premium both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

The Salary Loyalty package is ideal for collecting salaries and making daily payments. It contains a set of free services suitable for fast and safe payments.

The Salary Premium package is suitable for middle and top management companies, including IT companies. Details 

The cards included in the salary packages are issued free of charge, for which the salary fees and commissions are applied.


Payment system

  • Visa Classic contactless


  • to receive the salary
  • for online and offline payments in the country and abroad

Free supplying in maib

  • transfers between maib cards
  • account deposits through ATMs, maib agencies and branches

Free access to digital services through maibank

  • payment of utilities
  • P2P transfers from your card to any maib card
  • analysis of income and expenses

Free supplying of the card through other banks in the Republic of Moldova

  • initiate P2P replenishment to a maib card from a card issued by other banks in the Republica Moldova from the maibank application
  • transfers through Visa/Mastercard payment systems (1 transaction per month)
  • interbank transfers in the Republic of Moldova from individuals

Free card opening and servicing

  • You can open it at any maib branch
  • push-notifications in maibank regarding online card operations
  • monthly statement by e-mail
  • view the balance in ATMs/maib subdivisions
  • mini-statement in maib ATMs

Discover the discounts offered by maib and partners:

  • 5% discount at Maxikids stores;
  • 20% discount on Bolt Taxi rides in Romania;
  • discounts and special offers from Visa.

Pleasant shopping and convenient installments

  • the minimum amount that can be returned using split in installments is 1 000 MDL / per request;
  • any transaction on your statement over 200 MDL made up to 90 days before the request date, which has the split in installments tick;
  • payments in any currency, made with debit cards in MDL within the country and abroad;
  • POS payments, online payments and payments for utilities;
  • you can select 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments.

commission fees

Card servicing


Issuance / re-issuance of the card


issuing and re-issuing upon expiration

40 MDL

for re-issuance in other cases (loss/theft/compromise/other cases)

Payments at commercial points

In the Republic of Moldova and abroad

Supplying the card in maib


  • between maib cards through maibank
  • in cash-in ATMs/maib subdivisions
Supplying the card through other banks
  • supplying via p2p from the card of other banks in the Republic of Moldova through maibank - free
  • card transfer through Visa / Mastercard payment systems – 1 per month free, other 0.5%
  • foreign currency transfer via SWIFT – 0.7%
  • Transfer by bank transfer from within the bank/other banks from the Republic of Moldova- 0
Cash withdrawal in maib
  • 0 at maib ATMs in MDL
  • 0 at maib ATMs in EUR/USD (card account currency does not differ from the withdrawal currency)
  • 1% at maib ATMs in EUR/USD (card account currency differs from withdrawal currency)
  • in maib agencies and branches if you have a card - --1 free transfer per month, in other cases - 3 MDL/0.15 USD/EUR
  • 1% max 200 MDL/ 10 EUR/USD in maib agencies and branches without presenting the card
Cash withdrawal in other banksCash withdrawal in other banks

1%+30 MDL/1.5 EUR/USD

  • ATMs/Subdivisions of banks from the Republic of Moldova

1.5%+60 MDL/3 EUR/USD

  • ATMs/Subdivisions of the foreign banks
P2P transfer on the card of other banks

10 MDL / 0.5 EUR/USD

  • On the bank card from the Republic of Moldova

1.5% min 30 MDL/1.5 EUR/USD 

  • On the card of the bank abroad
Free information and online services


  • chat-bot
  • maibank/ internet banking
  • Push-notifications regarding online card operations
  • Monthly statement by e-mail
  • Changing the PIN code in maib ATMs
  • Viewing the balance in ATMs/ maib subdivisions – the first 5 views
  • per monthMini-statement in maib ATMs – the first 3 monthly views

10 MDL

  • SMS-notifications

More details on Fees and commissions here

required documents

To obtain the Visa Classic card, you only need the identity document.

*The bank reserves the right to request supporting documents regarding your income to meet the prudence requirements of banking activity.

General banking conditions for individuals within BC "MAIB" SA here

frequent questions

3D Secure is a service attached to your card, ensuring worry-free online shopping and an advanced anti-fraud solution. 3D Secure technology emerged as a response to the need to develop means to verify if the person making a payment on the Internet is the real holder of the card. Thus, when making a transaction online, in addition to the required standard data (card number, validity date and CVV2/CVC2 code), a unique password sent to the cardholder via SMS to the phone number registered in the banking system is also used. 3D Secure technology applies only to merchants who have displayed one of the Visa Secure, or Mastercard ID Check logos on their website, which confirms that they are certified to use the technology by international card payment systems.

The card is issued for 3 working days from the submission of the request.

In case of loss or theft of the card, it is urgently necessary to block the account through the maibank mobile app or by calling the Self Service service 1313. Likewise, you can contact us at the phone number /+373 22/ 45 06 03, indicated on the back of the card, both from the country and abroad.

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