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1000 MDL
up to 1095 days
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Maib classic+ deposit is a long-term deposit, perfect for those who want to save money, receiving a maximum passive income in the form of interest. The deposit does not allow additional deposits and early withdrawal. It has a fixed interest rate, revised every 180 days.

Interest rate

Fixed rate for first 180 days*, up to 4.00% annually
*at the end of each 180-day term the interest rate will change and the interest rate in force at that moment will apply


  • It opens for 1095 days.

Interest payment

  • Monthly on the card account or current account of the depositor

Minimum balance

  • 1000 MDL / 100 EUR / 100 USD

Additional deposits

  • Not allowed


  • Not allowed

Deposit opening

  • Online in the maibank mobile app or at any maib branch

Automatic renewal

  • Is made




Interest rate
(deposit opened in maib branch )

Interest rate
(deposit opened through maibank)







1095 days







As of 01.01.2024, following the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova, income tax is charged on interest calculated and paid on deposits as follows:

  • 6% for resident individuals;
  • 12% for non-resident individuals.


Upon opening the deposit account, the depositor may request a bank card free of charge.

Payment of interest in case of early termination of the contract:

  • Up to 30 days – the interest is not paid
  • After 30 days – the interest is calculated and pain in the amount provided by the bank for the current accounts with interest of individuals
  • After 180 days – 100% of the calculated and paid interest for the first 180 days
  • After 360 days – 100% of the calculated and paid interest for the first 360 days
  • After 540 days – 100% of the calculated and paid interest for the first 540 days
  • After 730 days – 100% of the calculated and paid interest for the first 730 days
  • After 910 days – 100% of the calculated and paid interest for the first 910 days

The interest already paid is returned by withholding the respective amount from the deposit amount by the bank.

All maib deposits are guaranteed in accordance with the Law on guaranteeing deposits in banks no. 160 of June 22, 2023. More details here.

The deposits of individuals and legal entities are guaranteed up to the coverage level of MDL 100,000. More details here.

BC ”Maib” SA is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Moldova.


frequent questions

In determining the interest, the actual daily balance of the deposit account at the date of calculation shall be taken into account, the following formula being applied:

S = P * i / K / 100, unde: S= P*i/ K/ 100, where
S – calculated rates amount;
P – actual balance of the deposit account;
i – interest rate in force on the day of calculation;
K – the number of calendar days in the management year.

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