Mastercard business

Credit available for your business ideas
up to 300 000 MDL
4 years
zero MDL
Mastercard business


The maib business credit card - the simple and efficient credit tool for covering your current business needs. Use it now, pay later.

Credit line conditions:

  • Credit limit: up to 300 000 MDL, whenever you need it;
  • 0% interest during the grace period*;
  • Period of validity: 4 years, with the possibility of extension;
  • Minimum monthly payment: 5% of credit amount on the last day of the previous month. If the grace period has expired, interests (%) will add to this amount.

*if you repay the amount used from the credit limit within 60 days.

The advantages of this card are:

  • Free 24/7 top up  of the card account via internet banking or at maib cash-in ATMs, with immediate access to the cash you have cashed in;
  • 24/7 access to the money in your account whenever you need it, at home and abroad;
  • Safety and security:
    • payments using Google Wallet, Apple Wallet, and Garmin Pay e-wallets;
    • contactless payments in shops (the card is only in your hands);
    • secure Internet shopping thanks to 3D Secure;
  • Card payment fee - 0%, including online;
  • 0% commission when topping your card account via ATM or bank transfer;
  • Control over payments made by setting spending limits for cardholders;
  • Elimination of advance payments to employees;
  • Cash withdrawals at any ATM, at home and abroad;
  • Issue an unlimited number of cards to cardholders (company employees) attached to the account;

Come to maib or call 1314 to learn more about the maib business credit card.


How to apply for an online loan 


Fill in the online form


Coordinate all details remotely with maib. Receive the preliminary offer by email


Sign the necessary documents and take the money


Apply for a credit card if you have an enterprise registered under the law in force.

commission fees

Card type Mastercard (including Card Instant) Maibusiness Credit Card Notes:
Card account currency: MDL  
Conditions for opening/closing the current account with attached card and card issuance:  
Fee for opening a current account with Business card 0.00  
Card issuance fee 0  
Fee for urgent card issuance (in addition to the card issuance fee) 200 MDL It is automatically charged when the card is issuing  from the 2258 card account.
The administration fee for each card will be applied monthly, on the 1st day of each month starting from the 2nd year of card use 30 MDL The monthly card administration fee is charged on the first calendar day of each month starting with the 2nd year of card use.
Card validity period 4 years  
Fee for closing the current account  350.00 MDL It is charged on the day of application for closing account. In the case of closing the account at the bank's initiative, the account is charged in MDL - up to 350 MDL, up to maximaze of the limit of the available balance, including when the company is liquidated.
Monthly fee for the administration of the account during the process of closing within the available balance but not more 100 MDL

It is сharged within the available balance on the account under the following conditions:

1. not more: - in national currency - 100 MDL, - in foreign currency - 5 EUR/USD
2. debited from the account on the 10th day after the end of the 30-day period, starting from the date of application for application for closing account.
3. does not apply in case of lack of funds on the closing account (zero/negative account balance) or for other accounts in maib
4. The maximum total amount of commission paid by the client under this tariff is no more than 2000 MDL / 100 USD / 100 EUR.

Card reissuance conditions:  
Reissuance of the card in case of expiration  0  
Card reissuance in case of loss, theft, damage, compromise, other cases 200 MDL With the bank's approval, the commission is not charged if the card was compromised due to other reasons that are not the responsibility of the cardholder.
Commission fees:
Top-up the card account:
In cash at the branch maib by collection order 0  
At the maib ATM 0  
Card account registration (transfer) 0  
Through payment terminals of maib partners in accordance with the rates of the partners providing the service  
By transferring to the card through the Visa Inc./Mastercard Inc. international payment system. 0  
Changing the PIN code:
Maib ATMs 1 transaction/month – free, the others – 20 MDL It is collected at the time of the transaction.
ATMs of other banks in the Republic of Moldova/abroad 20 MDL
Cash withdrawal fee:
ATM/ Bank POS in maib branches 1.9% of the amount Cash withdrawals in maib branch, POS and ATMs are made only in MDL. Maximizare cash withdrawal limit  per day (00:00- 24:00) – 200 000 MDL
ATMs/ Bank POS of other banks in the Republic of Moldova/ abroad If the currency of the transaction differs from the currency of the card account, the conversion of the transaction amount is carried out at the rate for card operations of the maib bank established on the transaction processing date.
Through remote access channels – transfer from card account
Fee for settlement through bank branches maib without presenting the card
The monthly cash withdrawal amount from the card account in bank offices and ATMs abroad 10 000 EUR The limit established on the card account by the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova and is modified in accordance with the NBM regulations.
Paying for purchases at merchants, including Internet transactions:
From the Republic of Moldova / from abroad  0.00  
Viewing (with or without printing) card account balance:
In maib branches/ATMs for viewing, performed within a calendar month 5 transactions/month – free, the others – 1.2 MDL It is collected at the time of the transaction.
In the branches/ATMs of other banks in the Republic of Moldova/abroad (each view) 10 MDL
Through remote access channels, for viewing, performed during a calendar month 30 transactions/month – free, the others - 1.2 MDL
Requesting the mini account statement:
At maib ATMs for the statement, requested within a calendar month 3 transactions/month – free, the others – 1.4 MDL It is collected at the time of the transaction.
Through remote access channels, for request made within a calendar month 30 transactions/month – free, the others – 1.4 MDL
Monthly statement request:
Monthly statement sent by email 0.00  
Each additional statement requested at the branch maib 20 MDL  
Interests, fees, penalties:
Interest rate (for the used credit) according to the Pricing Policy for banking products and services provided to SME customers  
Penalty for non-repayment of mandatory monthly payments on time, from the first day of registration of the arrears until the 119th day inclusive 36.00% Interest is calculated on an annual basis
Penalty for unauthorized account overdraft (interest applied to the amount of unauthorized overdraft from the first day of registration to the 119th day inclusive) 40.00%
The interest rate applied to overdue amounts after exceeding 119 days of arrears  by 5 p.p. higher than the Interest rate on the term loan according to the credit agreement  
Other operations and services:
Card delivery service 40 MDL  
Investigating, contesting and managing disputes regarding transactions carried out on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, per transaction 20 MDL The commission for the investigation, contestation and administration of disputes regarding transactions carried out abroad/on the territory of the Republic of Moldova is retained per transaction, regardless of its results. Exceptions are cases of disputes resulting from technical errors of ATMs/POS-terminals. Additional fees may be withheld in accordance with the commission fees of the payment systems in the case of disputes reviewed by their Arbitration Committees.
Investigating, contesting and managing disputes regarding transactions made abroad, per transaction 200 MDL
Card blocking in case of loss, theft, damage 0.00  
Cashing and payment operations through internet banking In accordance with the Rates and Commissions applied to non-credit products/services provided to legal entities It is collected at the time of the transaction.


Commission fees for credit cards in force from 23.01.2024

required documents

  • Identity card of the administrator and founders;
  • The documents of the establishment of the company;
  • Other documents, which the bank may request.

frequent questions

The PIN code can be set at any maib ATM or POS terminal in the branch.
To set the PIN code, you need the activation code, which you will receive automatically by SMS from the short number 6242 on the 3rd day after the card is issued.
If you want to use the card earlier or have deleted the SMS with the activation code, you can request it using one of the methods below:

  1. Send an SMS to the short number 6242 with the last 4 digits of the card you received;
  2. Via the maibank app:
    • on first login, indicate your phone number and the last 4 digits of the new card;
    • as an authorised maibank user, open the app, select the inactive card, request the activation code and receive the SMS with the activation code from the short number 6242.
  • Deposit cash at any maib branch
  • Top up  your card account 24/7 via internet banking;
  • Top up your card account free of charge at any maib cash-in ATM;
  • Deposit cash at ATMs using a special code (cash-in by code);
  • By transfer from other bank accounts.
  • Internet banking, which gives you access to information on the status of your card account as well as a wide range of banking services: electronic statements, payment execution, information on exchange rates, payment history, etc..;
  • The SMS notification service will keep you constantly informed about the status of transactions, entries and exits on your card;
  • Maibusiness bot - directly from Telegram or Viber, you get all the information about the account status and receive notifications about transactions. You can also view your company's account balance and statement for any available account;
  • Call 1314 for immediate support.

  1. Payment of purchases/services, cash release/withdrawal from credit card account.
  2. Start of the grace period.
  3. Receipt of message and monthly statements with the amount of the required payment (5%) + % or the amount for full payment during the grace period.
  4. End of grace period - penultimate working day. Pay the full amount of the credit used in the previous month to benefit from the grace period.
    Or, you pay the mandatory monthly payment + % to the loan. 

Special offers from Mastercard partners

To further delight cardholders with offers and benefits that create priceless memories, the Mastercard company has revamped its offer for hotel bookings on

Now this possibility is also available for mass market and premium cards as follows:
Standard offer - up to 6% instant discount for all Mastercard cards, including business cards.

The promotion is only valid when booking via the link:
Bookings made through the website or mobile app do not qualify for this promotion.
Subsequently, go through the necessary steps on the booking platform.
The discount is displayed at each step and is automatically applied when you pay with your Mastercard card.

submit your online credit application

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submit your online credit application

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