Government Program for supporting entrepreneurs “373”

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Government Program for supporting entrepreneurs “373”


The Government Program to support entrepreneurs - "373", is a mechanism through which Moldovan entrepreneurs can access affordable long-term loans for investment. Thus, the interest rate on loans in foreign currency is 3% and in MDL - 7%. For loans with a maturity of up to 7 years, the maximum grace period is 3 years. The interest rate difference will be subsidized by the Government of the Republic of Moldova through the The Public Institution Entrepreneurship Development Organisation (ODA).



Amount - up to 40 million MDL or the equivalent in foreign currency;

Term - up to 7 years;

Own contribution - minimum 10% of the value of the investment project, excluding VAT.


easy access to resources and support from the State

advantageous interest rate

well-paid jobs at home


Why maib in the "373" Entrepreneur Support Program?

  • loan approval within up to 3 days, without the need to be present at the branches;
  • the possibility of digitally signing credit contracts;
  • approval of a higher limit, in which more than one loan can be drawn down (without re-perfection of pledge contracts);
  • the possibility of receiving resources from all external lines available in the Republic of Moldova;
  • registration of the mobile pledge directly with the bank, without the need to go to a notary;
  • possibility to make payments to maib customers at any time, including weekends (24/7);
  • the largest number of customers;
  • the largest network of partners;
  • transparent pricing;
  • customers gratitude.


How to apply for an online loan 


Fill in the online form


Coordinate all details remotely with maib. Receive the preliminary offer by email


Sign the necessary documents and take the money


To request the loan tranche or to refund the credit in advance, access the corresponding button


Eligibility criteria for beneficiaries of the "373" Program:

  1. is registered in the State Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Moldova and is not in the process of insolvency, reorganization or liquidation;
  2. is classified under the conditions set out in Law No 179/2016 on small and medium-sized enterprises and does not fall under Art. 12 para. (3) of the mentioned law;
  3. the enterprise complies with the environmental protection requirements laid down in Law No 1515/1993 on environmental protection and subordinate legislation;
  4. to has no registered beneficial owners and/or residents of jurisdictions that do not implement international transparency standards established under the regulations of the National Bank of Moldova and the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Service;
  5. has no outstanding debts to the national public budget at the date of the loan application;
  6. the purpose of the investment loan falls within one of the fields of activity:
    • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries;
    • Manufacturing industry;
    • Production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning;
    • Water distribution, sanitation, waste management, and decontamination activities;
    • Transport and storage;
    • Accommodation and food service activities;
    • Information and communication;
    • Professional, scientific and technical activities;
    • Arts, recreation and leisure activities;
    • Education;
    • Health and social work.
  7. has a business plan and/or financial projections demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of the investment project;
  8. confirm your contribution of at least 10% of the project value, excluding VAT, in the form of:
    • cash in maib accounts and/or
    • advance payment made no later than 30 calendar days before the date of submission of the application for credit under the Program); and/or
    • tangible and/or intangible fixed assets at balance sheet value.
  9. the costs of goods and services or their share, which are the subject of the investment for which an investment loan is requested, have not been covered by other state assistance and/or subsidy programmes/projects, including own contribution;
  10. has no other liquidity in the form of cash in term deposit accounts, interest-bearing financial instruments in the form of bonds or government securities, except for the own contribution established under the "373" Innovative Investment Incentive Program;
  11. that in case of approval of the loan under the Program for Stimulation of Innovative Investments "373", the support to be obtained from the state through partial compensation of interest on the loan applied for will not contribute to exceeding the maximum amount of de minimis aid for the enterprise established by the legislation and I undertake to inform the bank and/or the Entrepreneurship Development Organization in case of exceeding the de minimis aid threshold following the Law no. 139/2012 on state support.


Commission for granting loan - 0.5% of the approved loan amount
Fee for credit extension/renegotiation - 2% of the extended/renegotiated credit amount
Commission for early repayment of credit - 0%
Fee for changing contractual conditions - 0.25% of the credit balance

required documents

Company incorporation documents (except for maib customers)
Identity card of the administrator and founders
Business plan or financial projections (forecasts) demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of the investment project;
Declaration of commitment as per Annex 5 to the Program;
Declaration on the amount of de minimis support received, as set out in Annex 6 to the Program
Other documents, which the bank may require.

frequent questions

The Investment Incentive Program "373" is a government initiative implemented by the Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA) in the Republic of Moldova. This program aims to increase access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises by providing investment loans at favourable interest rates.

The "373" Program involves the Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA), participating banks and Partner Financial Entities (PFEs) providing investment loans. The Association of Banks of Moldova has also been consulted on the Standard Cooperation Agreement.

Small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to support the entrepreneurship development initiative through the "373" Program can apply for membership at.

The "373" Program offers small and medium-sized enterprises greater access to finance through low-interest investment loans. The interest rate for foreign currency loans is 3% per annum and 7% per annum for loans in lei. Loans can be taken out for up to 7 years, with a grace period of up to 3 years.

Under the "373" Program, guaranteeing loans through the Loan Guarantee Fund (LGF) in the ODA portfolio is possible. The financing of the loan interest compensation activity comes from the allocations established in the state budget for the year.

The minimis aid is aid with a value equivalent below the threshold of 2.000.000 lei per beneficiary, granted to the same beneficiary over a maximum period of 3 years, regardless of its form and the objective pursued.

In investment projects involving the establishment of multiannual plantations, only specific equipment and machinery to ensure the production process can be financed under the 373 Program, provided that they do not benefit from other state subsidies.

According to art. 129, paragraph 13) of the Fiscal Code, referred to both in Government Decision 351/2023 and in the Operational Manual of the 373 Program, the unpaid amount of tax obligations up to and including 100 lei is not considered as arrears to the National Public Budget.

In the framework of the 373 Program, the CAEM to which the investment is directed must be indicated. For example, an agricultural producer intends to diversify his activity and develop an investment project in rural tourism. Then, the specific CAEM for the new activity to be financed should be checked.

YES, the reporting of interest for clearing is carried out by the LFS.

The "373" Investment Incentive Program has no restrictions on its funding. Each VET applies its credit risk criteria to such companies.

As far as activities related to car washes are concerned, according to the CAEM code, they are included in activity 45.20 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, field of activity Wholesale and retail trade; maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (letter G), which in turn, according to the provisions of the "373" Program, is an ineligible field of activity.

As far as the purchase of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity for own consumption is concerned, the issue of the scope of activity of the company needs to be clarified, as photovoltaic panels are eligible as the object of the investment. Still, if the purchase of photovoltaic panels is requested for commercial or other activities not listed in Annex 1 of the Cooperation Contract, then the applicant is not eligible.

The applicant is not eligible for the Investment Incentive Program "373".

The financial resources granted to the beneficiary under the credit agreement, within the framework of the "373" Program, cannot be used to finance buildings for residential or administrative purposes, following the provisions of item 16 of the Government Decision No 351/2023, the Programme Operational Manual and the Cooperation Agreement (Annex No 2: Exclusion list, ineligible activities).

According to the provisions of p.16 of the "373" Investment Incentive Program, credits used to finance passenger cars are not eligible for compensation.

The maximum cumulative amount of the balances of loans granted under Program 373 to a beneficiary may be, at most, the equivalent of 15 million MDL at the official exchange rate of the National Bank.

Please be informed that according to the provisions of item 25 of the Government Decision no. 351/2023 for the approval of the Investment Incentive Programm "373", as well as the provisions of the Operational Manual of the Programme and the Cooperation Agreement "the beneficiary, until the full repayment of the loan, shall not be entitled to alienate or transfer in use, in any form, the goods purchased/constructed on account of the loan granted under this Programm".

At the same time, according to the Classification of Activities in the Moldovan Economy (CAEM code 2), the activities of renting and leasing industrial machinery and equipment to customers in exchange for the payment of a periodic rent fall under activity 77 Renting and leasing activities, Administrative and support service activities (letter N), which is not included in Annex No. 1 (List of eligible areas of activity for which the investment credit under the Programme is requested) of GD no. 351/2023.

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