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maib business


Secure, 24/7 access to company accounts

maib business is the online banking app for business that provides:

  • 24/7 secure access to company finances
  • multiple functionalities, improved continuously
  • innovative digital opportunities


New internet banking for business is available:


web application

minimum iOS 16.4 version

minimum Android 8.0 version


Benefits for your business

one user for access to all managed companies

open a current account immediately

salary payment directly from the current account

automatic formation of the payment destination to exclude rejection

new, more intuitive and user-friendly interface

multiple functionalities, essential for a successful business

transparency for every commission charged

2FA (authentication factors) for account security

24/7 access to financial information wherever you are





list of new functionalities available in the web version as of 01.04.2024
  1. Import of payments from xls, csv, txt, dbf files;
  2. Wage payments;
  3. Opening current account;
  4. One-step signature (users holding both signatures (I, II) will just click to apply both signatures);
  5. Display list of business cards (cardholders, available balance, expiry date).
list of new functionalities available in the web version as of 01.10.2023
  1. Scheduled payments (setting a payment processing frequency);
  2. Foreign exchange payments;
  3. Recording of documents related to foreign exchange payments;
  4. Payments to Transnistria;
  5. Signing payments with maib certification;
list of functionalities available in the web version as of 20.04.2023
  1. Ordinary payments in Moldovan lei (MDL);
  2. Budget payments to the Treasury;
  3. Transfer between own accounts;
  4. Transfer between own accounts in foreign currency (FOREX);
  5. Viewing accounts and extracting bank data of the respective accounts;
  6. Viewing account statement and sharing/ extracting it;
  7. Viewing the list and location of maib branches, agencies, ATMs;
  8. Availability of customer configurable currency calculator;
  9. View activity logs from your company;
  10. Setting limits on users, accounts;

frequent questions

Fill in the form or call 1314.

You will receive your login details by email and a temporary password on your phone. Go to in your browser:
Step 1: Enter your login, received by email.
Step 2: Enter your temporary password, received on your phone. The temporary password, which we recommend that you write down, not copy it (as extra characters can be copied).
Step 3: You receive your unique access code by SMS and enter it in the dedicated space.
The video here will help.

To reset your password, including if you have locked your account after five unsuccessful login attempts, you can use the Forgot password option available on the login page.
Following the password reset action, you will automatically receive a new password by text message to your phone. The password will need to be changed to a personal password.
The password must meet several conditions:

  • be longer than 8 alphanumeric characters;
  • it must contain characters that meet at least three of the following criteria: lower case, upper case, digits and special characters (e.g. !"%&()+,-./:;<=>?@_~);
  • not be intuitive (e.g. "aaaabbbb", "01234567")

If you hold the first and second signatures simultaneously according to your access rights, you can sign transactions created via maib business with a single click. You take one action, and the system applies both signatures according to access rights to determine the validity of a payment order.

To log in with just your login and password, you need to switch off the second authentication factor by doing the following:       Step 1: Go to your profile icon in the right corner of the home page, right next to the icon, to change the language of the app;
Step 2: Uncheck the second authentication factor;
Step 3: Validate the deactivation by entering the SMS code received on your phone number.

  • at the bank's cash desk if you have a passport, for those who have the right to replenish the account, according to the card with specimen signatures;
  • at self-service terminals;
  • at CDM terminals for cash collection;
  • via e-wallet (Google/Apple/Garmin Pay) in ATMs with NFC technology;
  • via e-wallet (Google/Apple/Garmin Pay) at maib POS terminals and cash desks

To see a signed payment, you need to follow the steps:
Step 1: Select the company from whose account you want to check the signed payment
Step 2: In the product menu, go to "Payments", then the "Payments" module page will open
Step 3: Click on the "History" button
Step 4: Then click on the "Paid" button if the payment has already been carried out or the "Pending" button if the signed payment is in the processing and validation stage. Here, you can find the payment via the search bar.

There are three options for signing transactions in maib business:

  1. Authorisation with electronic signature (MoldSign Desktop). When the transaction is authorised, a request to sign the payment document will be sent to the MoldSign Desktop application. The user will authorise the transaction with their private key (by entering the PIN code from the USB token with the respective key). The payment document will be processed and validated by internet banking;
  2. Authorisation with mobile signature (MSign). When selecting the MSign mobile signature authorisation option, the maib business system will request the transaction authorisation via a mobile operator providing such services (Orange or Moldcell). The user will receive a SIM push message on the mobile device and will enter the password from the private key container integrated in the SIM card on their device and maib business will receive from the mobile operator the result of the operation authorisation.
  3. Authorisation with Electronic Certificates. When authorising the operation, the Public Key Certificate and the Certificate password (the signing key created by the User in the Bankflex internet banking system) will be used.

***The following options are available for transaction authorisation:

  1. Authorisation with mobile signature (MSign);
  2. Authorisation with electronic signature MoldSign Desktop.

Maib has exclusively developed a new product for business, the digital business card.
You can open a digital card directly from maib business by following these steps:
Step 1: Select the company on whose account you want to open a digital business card
Step 2: In the product menu, go to "Cards", then the module with all the existing functionalities will open
Step 3: Click on the "Get card" button, after which a new window will open
Step 4: Choose the type of digital card you want to open, simple or Platinum, by clicking on the "Apply" button, after which a new window will open with the details of the digital card opening
Step 5: Carefully fill in "Card account", "Currency", and "Cardholder" - here, you will need to click on the "Search" button to proceed
Step 6: Carefully check the information you have filled in, then click on the "Confirm" button
A new window will open in which you will have to sign
Step 8: After signing the application, a new window will open with all the details of the application to open the digital card

*The card will be active in 15 minutes or a maximum of 2 working days.
**For further information, you can call us at 1314.

To download a payment confirmation, you need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Select the company from whose account you want to download the payment confirmation
Step 2: In the product menu, go to "Payments", then the "Payments" module page will open
Step 3: Here, under "History", click on the "Paid" option, where you select the date range in which the payment was made and approved by the bank
Step 4: Click on payment, after which the available options related to the payment will open, including the "Download payment" button/icon
Step 5: Click on the "Download payment" icon. As soon as the PDF document is downloaded, you can access it under "Downloads" in your browser or in the folder where the downloaded files are saved.

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