Now you can bring your business to maib fully online

Who said long-distance relationships don't last? At maib, they do! We suggest establishing a lasting connection, entirely online.

We are the first bank in the country to offer this digital solution tailored to the pace of modern businesses. For the first time, maib provides companies the opportunity to initiate relationships with the bank without visiting a branch. All you need is internet access and a qualified digital signature.

Go to the "become a customer" page, fill in with the required information, and upload the necessary documents with a qualified digital signature. We will then contact you. We've optimized every step to make the process smooth and transparent. We understand how much you value your time and the effort you put into growing a successful business, so we provide simple and easy solutions.

What do you need to do to bring your business to maib?

  1. fill in all the required fields with the company and administrator details;
  2. upload the requested documents having a qualified digital signature;
  3. send the information to the bank;
  4. answer our call, and we will guide you through the relationship-establishing process;

It's essential to know that the process of initiating a business relationship with the bank will include a video call that will be recorded.

Upon completing the procedure, your business will be subscribed to the "business forte" service package, and you'll have a current account in MDL.

Conditions for establishing online business relationships:

  • A business with one of the following legal forms, with a legal address in the Republic of Moldova;
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
    • Sole Proprietorship (SP);
    • Peasant Household (Homestead);
    • Joint Stock Company (JSC);
  • The administrator must possess a qualified digital signature;
  • For companies managed by administrators, partners/founders (maximum 5), the actual beneficiaries must be individuals residing in the Republic of Moldova;
  • The company should not fall under the PEP risk category, be a FATCA subject, or be on the UK sanctions list.

After a few simple and quick steps, you establish a viable business relationship and enjoy all the benefits offered by maib's business banking, available 24/7.

Because you need a trustworthy bank that keeps up with innovations, maib is here for you and your business.

Maib - simple and easy!

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