Grow your business with maib's pre-set credit limit

Growing your business is our priority. So that you always have money available for investments or routine expenses, maib offers an instantly calculated credit limit. It's a pre-established credit option available to both existing and potential customers. This is an important step in our commitment to provide businesses with affordable and personalised financial services.

Pre-set limits apply to all types of credit offered by maib and give you more flexibility in managing your financial needs and when you have unexpected expenses. This is a right and not an obligation.

The credit limit comes with several advantages:

  • Credit can be obtained without collateral and in just a few hours. The amount is transferred to your company account, and the decision to draw down when convenient is yours; 
  • The amount of the pre-established limit without collateral can reach up to 1.5 million MDL;
  • It is offered for a term of up to 3 years for financing current activity and up to 5 years for investments;
  • The credit limit is approved based on the officially declared information;
  • If the amount you need exceeds the calculated amount, we will choose together a product that is advantageous for your business purposes.

How to find out what credit limit is available for your business?

You can check online. Just go to the credit limit page on, enter your company IDNO and phone number. After confirming your request with the code you received on your phone number, you can find the calculated limit and request credit online.

Enjoy new opportunities and grow your business with confidence and support from maib. Invest in a secure future for your company.

Maib - we join efforts, we develop business!

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