Maib announces the launch of a new product - local Factoring

Because we support business activity and development in the Republic of Moldova, we announce the launch of a new product - local Factoring - which will allow companies to optimize their cash flow and improve their liquidity.

This financing solution can be accessed by micro, small and medium-sized clients (manufacturers, traders, service providers and other activities) who have sold goods or services but have not received the money immediately after delivery but need financing.  

Do you have a lot of current uncollected invoices and need money to pay suppliers, employees, taxes and duties on time?

Don’t expect to be paid by buyers in a month, two or three. Apply for local Factoring at maib and get the money you need for your business.

The local factoring product can be used alongside your standard loans.

How does local Factoring work?

  1. The seller (supplier of goods/services) submits the factoring application and presents the contract for delivery, sale/purchase or provision of services/works, maib approves a factoring limit (for 12 months);
  2. The seller (supplier) delivers the goods or provides the service to the buyer and assigns the invoice to maib;
  3. Maib finances up to 95% of the invoice amount and credits the seller's (supplier's) account;
  4. The buyer pays the invoice amount on the due date.

How do you benefit from online factoring?

  • Download here, complete and sign the factoring application electronically; 
  •  Upload the application and the factoring documents electronically signed here or send them to:;
  • Receive a reply within one day from maib regarding the factoring limit.

Do you have a factoring limit? Congratulations! You can then easily finance your invoices.

Follow the steps to finance your invoice:

  1. Enter your company IDNO, name and required information here;
  2. Choose the financing term;
  3.  Upload electronically signed invoices;
  4. Confirm the request with the OTP code received by SMS;
  5. Receive the money in your account quickly, the same day.

To learn more about the local factoring product and its benefits, we encourage you to visit the product page or contact maib representatives on 1314.


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