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Maib, in partnership with Mastercard, pays special attention to developingpayment infrastructure and innovative banking solutions. Implementing modern technologies in the banking sector aims to simplify people's everyday lives and increase their convenience.

Maib and Mastercard are introducing a revolutionary way to pay for public transport rides. Now, you can pay with your card, phone, or smartwatch at the validators in the trolleybus or bus in Chișinău, opening up a world of convenience.


7 routes involved in the project

Monthly transactions: 34 thousands

Payments with the maib card: 45%

236 validators in public transport

Advantages of cashless payments on public transport

Convenient to pay. You don't have to fumble in your pockets for coins or banknotes and wait for the collector to give you change. 

Payment is made quickly. Bring your NFC-enabled device-smartphone, smartwatch, or card - to the validator. Once you have paid, you will receive a payment confirmation notification in the bank's app or by SMS.

Cashless payments are considered one of the safest payment methods. Payment can be confirmed by biometrics.


you can pay with your card, phone or smartwatch
bring your card, phone or smartwatch close to the validator
make sure that the payment is confirmed on the validator screen

frequent questions

Contactless payments for public transport rides are accepted on the following routes:

  • Trolleybuses – 3, 22, 23, 24, 30
  • Buses – 2 and 5.

The price of the ride is 6 MDL

  1. Bring your smartphone, smartwatch or card close to the validator
  2. Check the payment notification on your phone (in maibank or SMS)V
  3. Upon the transport conductor’s request, bring  your phone or the device you used to pay for your trip closer to the POS terminal.

After paying for your trip at the validator, you will receive a maibank notification or text message. If you have the maibank app already installed but have not received a notification, check your statement or receipt in the app.

The validator does not issue a printed ticket. When the transport conductor approaches you, bring the card or device with which you paid for your journey to the POS terminal. The validator will receive a notification that proves your cashless payment.

You can pay for your ride with any Visa or Mastercard card.

*The following cards are not accepted: lunch cards, credit cards, or other cards with certain restrictions by the issuing bank: expired cards, blocked cards, or inactive cards.

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