Announcement regarding the maib program between May 31 and June 5

Dear customer,

Through maib 365 we are one click away from you, anywhere and anytime. However, if you feel the need to visit maib branches on June 1 and 2, days off at the national level, the following branches and agencies will be at your disposal, where you will be able to perform currency exchange operations (individuals):


Branches/Agencies name





“Calea Ieșilor” Branch, Counter no.4

Chișinău, 10 Calea Ieșilor str. (CC Fourchette premises)


12:00-12:30, 15:00-16:00, 19:00-19:30


Agency no.1 of the “Alecu Russo” Branch

Chișinău, 14/1 Meșterul Manole str. (CC Supraten premises)




Agency no.4 of the Hîncești Branch

Hîncești, 5 Chiril Botnari str. (CC KSK premises)




Agency no.1 of the “Dacia” Branch

Chișinău, 80/3 Dacia bd. (Airport)

(will not work on June 1, will resume on June 2, 2023 at 08:00)

without break

*limited access within Airport premises

We also inform that on May 31, Agency no.1 of “Dacia” Branch (Chișinău. 80/3 Dacia bd.) will serve customers until 20:00.

As June 3, maib branches and agencies will operate as usual.

Between June 1 and 4, legal entities can do remote banking through the Internet Banking app in the following way:

With immediate processing:

  • intrabank transfers in MDL (maib – maib transfer), except in cases where additional details are necessary;
  • interbank transfers in MDL, except in cases where additional details are required, with the beneficiary receiving the money on the next operational day (05.06.2023);
  • topping up the maib business card from the current account opened at maib and vice versa;
  • currency bid/offer operations between accounts held at maib, according to the exchange rate existing at the time of the transaction.

With processing on the next business day (05.06.2023):

  • interbank transfers that require additional details;
  • intrabank transfers (maib-maib transfer) that require additional details;
  • intrabank and interbank transfers in foreign currency.

On June 5, maib Călărași Branch (Călărași, 25 Mihai Eminescu str.) and maib Ștefan Vodă Branch (Ștefan Vodă, 4 Grigore Vieru str.) will not operate, in the context of the celebration of the City Day of the locality.

You remind you that maib digital solutions are available regardless of location or time. You can enjoy remote banking through the maibank mobile app, Internet Banking, maib 365 areas that include ATMs and self-service terminals.

Maib - your bank, whenever and wherever you are!

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