Better for you: two more maib subdivisions have aligned with the updated brand identity

Maib continues to modernize its branches and agencies across the country according to the bank's updated brand identity. The customers of the "Decebal" Branch and the no. 5 "Stefan cel Mare" Agency will benefit from a pleasant atmosphere, convenient furniture, unique service areas, speed in service and dedicated specialists.

The "Decebal" branch is one of the most spacious in the entire maib network, with several waiting areas and consulting areas for various customer needs. In the reorganized spaces, customers will notice a new design, simplified processes, more transparency, agility and professionalism. Kindness, personalized approach, comfortable ambience and innovative business model remain the bank's performance standards to all its customers. The care for employees remains a priority for maib, which is why working conditions for the bank's team have also been improved.

Aliona Stratan, First Vice President maib, in charge of the Retail Division:

"At maib branches, we want customers to feel at home. To enjoy a coffee while waiting in line, in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere, just like in the living room at home. We strive for maximum waiting as long as you serve a coffee, and for fast services, which can be done independently, modern ATMs and self-service terminals are available to customers. Here, clients have the opportunity to perform a variety of operations without the need for a consultant. However, for quick and professional help, the client consultants are always present in the room, ready to explain, guide and make the client experience more straightforward and pleasant".

As in the other branches renovated according to the updated brand identity of the bank, the "Decebal" Branch has 3 unique areas designed for various customer needs. They have been designed to reduce downtime, perform multiple operations on a single consultant and provide maximum privacy to customers, whose needs require more attention and time in identifying solutions.

The self-service area - dedicated to fast banking operations for customers who want to do autonomously and in a short time certain operations at payment terminals, such as: payment of invoices, payment of credit, checking account, depositing cash in the account, etc.

The transactional area - facilitates several operations at a single counter, with faster service for a comprehensive list of operations and, implicitly, saves valuable time for everyone.

The advisory area is semi-private, facilitating direct communication and analyzing the needs and complex personal or business development plans. This area is more relaxing and suitable for making important decisions related to mortgages, business or similar.

The "Decebal" branch is located on 139 Decebal Avenue and operates from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00. Agency no. 5 of the "Ștefan cel Mare" Branch is located on 124  Stefan cel Mare si Sfint Avenue and operates from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00.

We remind you that the "Ion Creanga", "Gheorghe Asachi", "Puskin" Balti, "Miron Costin", "Miron Costin Business Center", "Constantin Tănase" Branches, as well as several maib agencies have recently aligned themselves with the renewed brand identity.

For more details and information about the new maib brand identity, visit the link.

About maib

Maib is the largest bank in Moldova, comprising 120 subdivisions, 58 branches and 62 agencies, evenly distributed throughout the country. With its vast network, maib serves about one million customers - corporations, small and medium enterprises, and individuals.

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