2% is your superpower! When, how and where you can direct the 2% of your annual income tax

When you file your income tax declaration every year, you have the opportunity to show solidarity and responsibility to your community by directing 2% of your income tax to causes that matter to you.

Directing 2% of your income tax to non-governmental organisations is one of the annual traditions in the maib team's portfolio of good deeds, and this year is no exception. We urge you to contribute to a more equitable and empathetic society with this simple and easy gesture.

You decide where your money goes: to educational programs, organisations fighting for human rights, protecting the environment, supporting socially vulnerable people or others. Click here for the full list of beneficiaries, and choose the project closest to your heart.

Here's how you can direct 2% of your annual income tax:

  1. file your Income Tax Declaration (CET 18)) by April 30, 2024 on www.servicii.fisc.md or offline at State Tax Service offices.
  2. apply to direct 2% of your annual income tax to a single non-commercial entity or religious institution.

Iulia Bogușevschi, Head of Corporate Communication, maib:
"We believe in the power of good deeds, empathy, support, and involvement, and that motivates each individual and, therefore, us as a team to stand by those who need it most. Year after year, maib encourages employees to direct 2% of their annual income tax to non-governmental organisations whose work they value and choose to support. It's part of our way of promoting good and doing good."

2% is your superpower (youtube.com)

2% is your superpower that you can harness right now. By the end of April, file your income tax return and direct 2% of your annual income tax to a social cause!

Together, we build a better community!

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