Digital onboarding maib – become a maib client without visiting the bank

Not our customer yet? Welcome to maib, the bank that's changing the way you handle your money. With maib digital onboarding, we've made banking faster and simpler, getting rid of long waits and paperwork when you open an account or get a digital card.

Find out how you can use technology to make your financial life easier with maib.

Quick and Easy: Signing up and getting a digital card takes just a few minutes, no matter where you are, everywhere in Moldova, without visiting a branch.
Easy Access: All you need is a smartphone with internet access and your ID card from the Republic of Moldova to start the onboarding process. This lets you manage your banking without going to a physical bank.
Safe and Private: Your personal information is kept safe and private, following the highest security rules in banking.
Online Help: Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions about the digital onboarding process.

How It Works:
Step 1 - Sign Up:
Download the maibank pp from the Apple Store or Google Store to start the sign-up process. Fill in your information, take a photo of your ID card with your phone, and pick the digital card you want.
Step 2 – Confirming Your Identity:
We use advanced technology to quickly and safely confirm your identity.
Step 3 - Confirmation:
Once we check your information and open your card, you'll get a notification in the app.
Step 4 - Using Our Services:
Now you can start using our banking services and enjoy the benefits of a fully digital card.

Use Cases:
Getting a Digital Card: Even if you're not already a maib customer, you can get a card in no time with maib digital onboarding  and start using our trusted banking services.
Maib digital onboarding is the future of banking. Make managing your money simpler and explore the advantages of going fully digital with maib. Get started now and enjoy modern banking!

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