Donate blood, give life! Maib people donated blood again this year on World Blood Donor Day

Good deeds are part of the maib identity. Once again this year, maib supports the national blood donation campaign run by the National Blood Transfusion Center by organising a blood collection point in maib park for the bank's volunteers.

For four consecutive years, maib people have donated blood in the context of World Blood Donor Day, and the number of volunteers has constantly increased. This year, 58 maib employees joined the donation campaign and collected 20 litres of blood and 13 litres of plasma, which will make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Doina Fetco, Marketing Director at maib:

We are proud to participate again this year in the national blood donation campaign and to support its organisation, thus contributing to raising awareness of the importance of blood donation.

We congratulate the 58 maib people who chose to participate in this initiative and all the volunteers who did the same on World Blood Donor Day."

World Blood Donor Day is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the most dedicated blood and blood component donors and to those who have chosen to donate for the first time.

Vadim Martalog, merchandiser, Brand (Band) Division:

"I was happy to realise that this is the 36th blood donation I have participated in, and it allows me to help people who need it most. I am proud of myself, knowing that I can save many lives with a small gesture. I suggest those who are still hesitant to participate in such initiatives overcome their fear and do a good deed."

Cristina Dolgaia, agile coach, Agile and Transformation (Band) Division:

"Today, I was honoured to donate blood for the first time, and it was a profoundly emotional experience, considering I have a tremendous fear of blood. I joined the maib blood donation campaign to contribute to the community's well-being.

This experience changed my perception of the importance of blood donation. It made me realise that I can and that donating blood is not just for the bravest or the most active. I thank everyone for their support and encourage everyone who can donate to do so to bring priceless value to the lives of those in need.”

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