Be on trend with maib junior

Maib junior, the most incredible bank card for children and teenagers, is the ideal choice for the first steps towards financial independence. From the age of 7, every child can have their card, learning step by step how to manage money and make the most of every advantage maib junior has to offer! Benefits for juniors:

Special mobile app: maib junior has a dedicated mobile app designed to provide children and teens with a safe and engaging financial experience.

Money transfer to friends: Juniors can transfer money quickly and easily to their friends, encouraging a cashless economy and digital banking while making it simple and fast.

Access to card money: Wherever they are, maib junior gives children, and teenagers access to their card money so they can make purchases conveniently and securely.

Payment and top-up notifications: Through their mobile phone, juniors receive real-time notifications when they make a payment or when their card account is topped up, so they can carefully monitor transactions.

Parents benefits:

Free card: Parents can apply for the maib junior card for free, without paying additional fees.

Convenient card top-up:  Through the maibank app, parents can top up their maib junior card anytime, without additional apps or going to the bank.

Financial control: Through the maibank app, parents can monitor and control their child’s spending, ensuring that money is used responsibly.

Financial independence:  Using maib junior, parents can take pride in teaching their children to be financially independent and develop important money management skills.

Open the maib junior card now and allow your child to learn about money and financial responsibility in a fun and safe way!

Maib – simple and easy!

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