Closer to your home. maib self-service terminals in the "Linella" chain

To make your banking experience easier and any self-service more available, maib continues to install self-service terminals in "Linella", the largest supermarket chain in the country. In addition to expanding locations, we continue to expand the list of services to reduce your branch visits and make your banking experience even more convenient.

Maib self-service terminals are located right at the store entrance and offer you the possibility to perform various transactions:

  • topping up  your maib account (lei, euro, dollars), which can also be verified and managed in maibank;
  • paying for utilities (electricity, telephone, gas, etc.);
  • payments to public authorities;
  • loan repayment;
  • payment of financial services.

Do you currently need a service you think is essential?
Write to us at, and we will do our best to make it available.

Why is it cool to bank at maib self-service terminals?

  • Working hours
    Maib self-service terminals are available for various operations as long as your neighbourhood's "Linella" store is open.
  • Flexibility and speed
    Transactions carried out via maib self-service terminals are processed quickly, and money is available immediately or within a short period, depending on the type of transaction. It can be instrumental in emergencies or for cash flow management.
  • Save time
    Using self-service terminals means you don't have to queue at the counter for banking transactions.
  • Diversity of services offered
    Maib self-service terminals provide a wide range of financial services, such as cash deposits, bill payments, payments to government authorities and many other useful services.

Where to find the nearest self-service terminal?
You can find it in any part of the country. See all locations here.

Important! The self-service terminal offers change that can be used for crediting phone numbers or other telecom payments.

Maib – simple and easy!

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