More comfort and color: the new maib dress code, lined up with the updated visual identity

Together with the updated strategy, the previously announced rebranding, the transformation of its branch model, and with the launch of innovative projects and processes, maib continues the cycle of changes according to the new philosophy of the brand and announces the implementation of the dress code in the branch and agency network. It has been redesigned in line with the maib's new visual identity, while adding comfort and color. We remind you that a year ago the maib employees of the Central Office adopted a casual dress code, choosing more comfort and having freedom of choice.

Color emphasis and defining accessories

Both customer consultants and tellers (customer service specialists), customer service managers will wear a uniform that combines the classic style, known in society as a benchmark in the banking field, with the informal style, which is much friendlier, comfortable, and easy to style and personalize.

The customer consultants, who greet customers every day and help them identify the needed banking services and products, have adopted a colorful dress code, less business - polo shirt in maib colors - dark mint, gray-blue and white. The diversity of shades will allow them to match the upper part of the outfit with classic or casual pants (jeans), but also with skirts in blue, black, brown, or gray color. Tellers, customer relations managers, but also corporate managers will wear shirts, combined with a defining accessory having the bank's logo: for men - dark mint or gray-blue tie, and for women - scarves in the same colors.

Igor Tenu, Customer Assistant, "Gheorghe Asachi" Branch:

"The implementation of a new dress code was a long-awaited change by the employees of the maib branches. The uniforms are comfortable and special, which will differentiate us. What surprised me the most was the sleeveless jacket that we will wear in the cooler season, the fabric is of a high quality and comfortable. I hope that every employee will be surprised by the new dress code and will appreciate the change, just like I did”.

Simple, practical and modern

The new dress code implemented in the branches is much more casual and gives the maib team more freedom to choose what to wear. The updated dress code successfully combines the business style with the casual one, but being much more practical and appreciated by the team.

Nicoleta Anghelici, Retail Customer Relations Manager, "Gheorghe Asachi" Branch:

"I feel much more comfortable with the new dress code. We hope that customers will appreciate our new outfit, as colorful and friendly as the visual identity of the bank is".

Lining up with maib values and international trends

Basically, the adoption of the casual dress code within the bank is in line with international trends that require a more informal approach in terms of the appearance and dress code of banking employees. In the case of maib, the colorful and less formal outfits harmonize with the bank's values - to be professional, transparent, innovative, team-spirited, trustworthy, agile and, of course, always customer-oriented.

Ruxanda Capmari, Marketing Director:

"The brand refreshment actions started last year are now reflected in the image of the maib team and will continue to be reflected in the activity and visual identity of the bank, including in the territory. We have become simpler, closer to our customers, aligning ourselves with the promise of a brand that is to be always customer-oriented”.

Together to the next level!

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