Maib WoW continues. Maib has embraced the "per tu" formula of addressing bank employees

Over the last few years, maib has undergone a series of transformations that are increasingly shaping the bank's identity, values and culture. At maib, people and their well-being are among the bank's fundamental priorities, cultivated by customers and employees. Having moved away from traditional offices towards an open space that encourages communication, collaboration and flexibility, we have implemented an employee address formula that promotes the same values. Thanks to the "per tu" address, by eliminating the "your" wording, we encourage developing a communication based on peer-to-peer communication.

Thus, by removing hierarchical barriers, we build better collegial relationships at all levels and create a friendly and warm working environment that exudes accessibility, equality, transparency and comfort. However, regarding a significant age difference between employees, addressing per tu is acceptable if the older person agrees.

The "per tu" address formula in the maib team pursues a whole series of other initiatives that today characterise maib culture, including:

  • we've dropped the "sir" and "ma'am" addresses;
  • we have done away with ties in the head office, retaining them only for meetings requiring such attire, and in the branches encouraging only ties with the maib logo print;
  • we have adopted casual clothing and added a lot of colour to our outfits;
  • we implemented flexible WoW, organising our work so that our head office employees work remotely two days a week.

Together, we create, inspire and simplify because maib customers are our focus!

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