MIA Instant Payments transfers by phone number between different banks in Moldova

Even more freedom for P2P transfers.
If you used to ask your friend or colleague several times what bank they have a card at to transfer money – now this is a thing of the past. Now you can transfer money instantly and free of charge between Moldovan bank accounts just by using your phone number through the MIA Instant Payments service.

This option became possible thanks to the MIA Instant Payments project – implemented by commercial banks together with the National Bank of Moldova. We congratulate all maib customers and customers of other banks on this significant event that simplifies and saves everyone's budgets.

The fee of 0 MDL is valid for monthly transfers not exceeding 10,000 per month to a single recipient. The new service is accompanied by a "Request to pay" option where you can request or receive requests from other people using the phone number

Important! To recieve p2p and to use “Request to pay” subscribe to the MIA Instant Payments service.

How to subscribe to MIA Instant Payments?

  1. Update the app;
  2. Access the settings in maibank;
  3. Activate the "MIA Instant Payments" option and save the changes.

*The MIA Instant Payments service will be available in the maibank app after the app update.

Who can use MIA Instant Payments?

All mobile banking users in the Republic of Moldova, individuals.

What commission does MIA Instant Payments charge?


Commission value

up to 10,000 MDL monthly


more than 10,000 MDL monthly (applicable only for transaction volumes exceeding this amount)

up to 0.5% of the transaction amount, but no more than 5 MDL per transaction

What are the transaction limits?

Limit type

Value, MDL

Minimum amount per transaction


Limit per transaction


Daily limit


Monthly limit


You drive. maib

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