The first real estate ecosystem in Moldova – CasaHub

Maib announces the launch of, the second ecosystem of the bank specifically created for the real estate market in Moldova and dedicated to those who want to buy or sell real estate. The first maib ecosystem specialising in the automobile segment was launched in 2021.

The real estate ecosystem focuses on the offers of developers and real estate agencies across the country. The new platform offers a wide range of apartments in the primary and secondary segments, houses, townhouses, duplexes, rooms, land, garages, and parking places.

For the convenience of all users the platform is designed in a modern and minimalist way. Announcements are updated daily and contain all the information necessary to make the right choice. The site search engine is advanced with useful filters that save time and help find your own home.

The ecosystem is one-of-a-kind because of a range of advantages that generate a truly unique experience:

  1. One platform – multiple companies

The offers of the largest developers and real estate agencies in Moldova are found on There’s no need to spend hours in a row accessing various web pages looking for the right home.

      2. Map location and delimitation by sector

All real estate announcements of the platform are located on the map. Similarly, it is possible to search for dwellings or other buildings according to the address indicated, including you can directly access the preferred sector to see available offers.

3. Mortgage calculator

Any advert has a built-in a mortgage calculator that will help you estimate monthly rate for payment based on the advance and the repayment period indicated.

And that's not all! The platform is developing a functionality that will enable you to find out online the approximate amount that the bank is ready to lend you to purchase a building.

      4. User’s instant information

When there are no suitable offers on the market, the user can subscribe to different filters by selected features: sector, price, floor, planning, number of rooms, etc. When publishing a building that corresponds to the user's preferences, it will receive instant notifications without losing the desired offer.

      5. Comparison of real estate

To make a good decision and choose one of two or more real estate offers, add them to the comparison list, where differences in characteristics will automatically be generated.

      6. Subscription on price change

If the dream home costs more than the expected budget, it can be added to the favourites list, and when sales price changes, the user will receive instant notifications.

      7. Real estate blog

Within the platform, a blog dedicated to the real estate market was created, in which you will always find helpful articles and current news. Also, a free newsletter subscription is available.

      8. Funding programs

Three well-explained funding programs are available within the hub: classic mortgage, “Prima Casa”, and refinance. Any platform visitor can request a mortgage, phone consultation, or appointment online at the maib mortgage center.

      9. Support

Answers to any questions or help are a click away via chats on Viber, Telegram or Live Chat. Similarly, a phone consultation can be requested by clicking on the "Request call" button on the "Mortgage" page or any real estate announcement.

      10. Partnership

Last but not least, it should be noted that the platform is a hub where developers and real estate agencies can place their offers free of charge without paying for advertisements or commission fees for sales. So zero investments in an advanced tool for promoting and selling real estate.

A multitude of other online services will be added to the new platform, and we are looking forward to announcing them. Before then visit and discover a unique real estate experience.

CasaHub – one step closer to your home!


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