gama premium

The perfect card package for those who like to travel with premium service and have worldwide insurance

15% cashback
0 MDL/ monthly maintenance
25 thousand euros insurance
debit/credit card type
350 thousand Moldovan lei credit limit
withdrawal abroad


Gama card, which includes gama premium, is the perfect travel card package that offers cashback for home and abroad payments. The card provides unlimited and free access to the Loungekey and Mastercard Lounge halls in international airports, as well as premium travel insurance. It harmoniously combines the benefits of a debit and credit card, providing access to a money reserve you can use at your leisure, with no interest rate of up to 60 days.


Payment system, card type and currency

  • contactless Mastercard Platinum debit/ credit card
  • currency: MDL/EUR/USD

Cashback on all payments

  • up to 15% cashback from maib gama partners
  • 0.5% guaranteed cashback from maib
  • cashback abroad from Mastercard partners

Free suppling through maib

  • transfers between maib cards
  • deposits in accounts through ATMs, maib units, self-service terminals

Free cash withdrawal abroad

  • once a month at any ATM abroad

Free card supply via other banks in the Republic of Moldova

  • supply from the card of other banks in the Republic of Moldova through the p2p service in the maibank application
  • transfers via Visa/ Mastercard payment systems
  • foreign exchange transfers through the SWIFT system
  • interbank transfers in the Republic of Moldova

Free issue, maintenance and delivery of the card

  • it opens in any maib branch or through the maibank app
  • free maintenance for over MDL 7000 monthly payments
  • free delivery to any address in the Republic of Moldova, except for the localities on the left bank of the Dniester and Bender Municipality


  • from 3 to 350 thousand Moldovan lei
  • up to 60-day grace period
  • the cashback amount is automatically transferred to repay the credit debt
  • no less than 5% of the recorded debt balance at the end of the previous month and the interest calculated on the amount of the loan used shall be reimbursed monthly
  • the credit line is granted for 60 months and is automatically extended

Premium travel insurance and service



Card maintenance 


  • For monthly payments from 7000 MDL/ 335 EUR/ 390 USD (Smart Pricing)

100 MDL/ 5 USD/EUR- in other cases

Card issue/ reissue

Free upon expiry of the validity term

  • 100 MDL/ 5 EUR/USD for reissue in other cases (loss/ theft/ compromise/ other)

Payments in shops  


  • Free in the Republic of Moldova and abroad
Suppling the card through maib


  • among maib cards through maibank
  • at cash-in ATMs/ maib branches/self-service terminals

Suppling the card through other banks

  • suppling through p2p  from the card to other banks in the Republic of Moldova through maibank- free
  • transfer to card through Visa/ Mastercard payment systems- 1 per month - free, other 0.5%
  • currency transfer via SWIFT- 1 per month - free, another 0.8%
  • interbank transfers from other banks in the Republic of Moldova-free

Cash withdrawal in maib

  • 3 MDL/ 0.15 EUR/USD at maib ATM if presenting the card
  • 0.3% Maximum 60 MDL/3 EUR/USD at the bank POS-terminal in maib branches if presenting the card
  • 0.3% in maib branches without the card

Cash withdrawal in other banks

1%+20 MDL/ 1 EUR/USD

  • ATMs/ branches of banks in the Republic of Moldova


  • at the ATMs of banks abroad - 1 transaction per month

1.5%+ 60 MDL/ 3 EUR/USD

  • ATMs/ branches of foreign banks

p2p transfer to the card of another bank

1.5% min 20 MDL /1 EUR/USD

  • on the card of the bank from the Republic of Moldova

1.5% min 30 MDL/1.5 EUR/USD

  • on the foreign bank card

Online and information service


  • Chat-bot
  • Mobile banking/ internet banking
  • Push-Online card operation notification
  • Changing the PIN-code in the maib ATMs
  • View the balance in ATMs/ maib branches- the first five views per month
  • Mini-bank statement in maib ATMs- the first three views per month

10 MDL

  • SMS- notification

Lounge Key Mastercard Business Lounge

Free and unlimited for the cardholder

  • For each companion- $32

Card delivery


  • At home or at the office to any address in the Republic of Moldova, except for the localities on the left bank of the Dniester and Bender Municipality


Further information on rates Card delivery service (


Required documents

To obtain gama premium, you only need an identity card.

*Bank reserves the right to request supporting documents regarding your income in order to meet the prudential requirements specific to the banking activity.

For more detail about premium card services, please follow the link



frequent questions

Gama premium is tailored to your lifestyle and is perfect for you if you travel a lot. In particular:

  • you benefit from the loyalty program that provides cashback for card payment in the country and abroad
  • if you need more money than you have on your account, you can easily turn it into a credit card by requesting the opening of a revolving line (re-usable) in the amount up to 350 thousand lei
  • you can supply the card for free from the card accounts issued by other commercial banks in Moldova
  • the card provides comfort and relaxation between flights, as you have access to Key Lounge/ Mastercard Lounge areas at international airports

You have two ways to get a gama premium card:

  • at the branch, where you must come with the identity card;
  • via the maibank mobile app

The list is available on, Partner compartment, and in the maibank mobile app, the "Cashback" option from the main menu.

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