maib liber

The most suitable card for shopping in installments of up to 12 months and 0% interest, in a wide network of partners
up to 50 000 MDL
up to 12 months
maib liber


Maib liber is the first shopping card in Moldova that allows you to get everything you want in equal installments up to 12 months, without interest and additional costs. The network of shopping points, where you can pay using maib liber, is above 5 thousand. The card is suitable for the purchase of goods and services, without the need to borrow funds, and payments are divided into amounts equal, paying 0% interest. Request the card only once, validate the available limit and receive the shopping card with funds in your account.

Payment system, card type and currency

  • credit card Visa Classic Rewards
  • currency: MDL


  • people aged between 20 and 70 years
  • maib credit beneficiaries
  • for payments in the partners network in Moldova

Shopping card with money in account

  • a single card for any payments in the partner network
  • from 3 thousand lei up to 50 thousand lei
  • from 1 to 12 equal installments with 0% interest
  • 48 months validity with the possibility of automatic extension

Zero fees payments

  • issuance fee – 0 MDL
  • maintenance fee - 0 MDL
  • payment commission in the partners’ network – 0 MDL
  • in case of non-repayment of the monthly payment amounts within the specified terms and amounts set out in the repayment plan, a penalty of 14.60% per annum will be calculated, applied to the unpaid monthly payment for each day of delay, but not exceeding the value established by the current legislation.

Card opening

You have 5 ways to pay the monthly instalments:

commission fees

Card maintenance Free
Card issuance / reissuance


  • Issuance / reissuance upon expiry date

100 MDL Reissuance in other cases (lost/theft/damage/other cases)

Payments at commercial points

Maib liber card can only be used in the maib partner network


Card replenishment through maib


  • between maib cards through maibank

at cash-in ATMs / maib subdivisions

Alimentarea cardului prin alte bănci


card transfer via Visa / Mastercard payment systems (channels of other banks) - 1 per month, another 0.5%

transfers from abroad in foreign currency swift - 0,7%

transfer from other banks in the Republic of Moldova. In the case of funds transferred from the accounts of individuals and payment of dividends, rent, lease, compensation, allowances (including under the State Program "Prima Casa") - free, in other cases - 0.7%

Cash withdrawal at maib Cash withdrawals are not allowed
Online and information services


  • Chat-bot
  • Mobile banking / internet banking

Push - notification regarding online card transactions

  • Monthly account statement through e-mail
  • PIN -code modification at maib ATMs

Balance view in maib ATMs / subdivisions - first 5 monthly views

Mini-statement in maib ATMs - the first 3 views per month

10 MDL



More details about the commission fees here



required documents

To get a maib liber card you only need the identity card.

*The bank reserves the right to request supporting documents regarding your income in order to meet the prudential requirements specific to the banking activity.

General banking conditions for individuals within BC "MAIB" SA

general credit terms and conditions

frequent questions

You can order on, or directly from the MAIBank mobile app or come to any maib branch with an existing appointment through the Earlyone app.

Each maib liber merchant partner determines the number of installments for their products or services.

Shop whenever you want, and our system records every payment and calculates the monthly amount to be refunded.

Yes, the interest payment is 0%!

Because we have the most generous merchant-partners, every month you will pay the cost of the purchased product or service by installments, without any extra money, interest or commissions.

The list of over 5 500 maib liber merchants with the best products and services:

  • supermarkets
  • clothing stores
  • beauty
  • sporting goods
  • travel agencies
  • PECO stations
  • medical centers
  • dentists and others.

Payments can be made using one of 5 options:

1. Maibank mobile app
All maib liber transactions and the bank statement can be viewed on the maibank app. Download the app from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.

  • open the maibank App;
  • click on the maib liber from your list of cards;
  • click on the Supply card option;
  • enter the amount and pay.

2. Internet banking
You have access to all your maib card accounts from a PC. connected to the Internet

  • access and click on the internet banking button
  • select the option Personal - Authentication;
  • enter Login ID and Password;
  • select maib liber and pay.

3. P2p transfer
You can make a free money transfer from any maib card to maib liber using the p2p service on the page

  • go on;
  • enter the required maib card information, from which the transfer will be made, the maib liber information and the transaction amount.

4. Cash-In ATMs.
Add money to your maib liber, whenever you need and don’t depend on the branches’ scheduled hours of operation. 

  • enter the card and PIN code;
  • select the Supply card option;
  • enter cash;
  • check the displayed information and confirm the operation.

5. At any maib branch.
You can come to any branch with:

  • identity card;
  • maib liber card
  • the amount of money for.

To always maintain the 0% interest, you have to pay the amount due from the bank statement between the 1st and 15th day of each month. 
The credit limit will be restored as and to the extent each installment amount is paid to maib liber. 

The Installment plan and all the details of your purchases are available on themaibank App.

Search on, the "Partners" category. Here you will find the list of all commercial partners who accept maib liber for payment. 
Search for stores that display the sticker "Pay here with maib liber" to shop in equal installments.
The complete list of LiberCard partners, divided into categories, number of installments and geolocations, is also available on the Maibank App.

The procedure is similar to making a payment with any other bank card: insert your maib liber into the POS terminal and the transaction is done.

It is an amount of money granted by the bank on your maib liber card that you can benefit from at any time, paying at the bank's partners, under the terms that the funds used are returned by the 16th of the following month - so you can enjoy zero interest applied to the balance used.


The active period is the period of 36 months, during which the debtor can fully dispose of the maib liber credit line, having the possibility to carry out transactions with the bank's partners.

The passive period is the period of 12 months during which the debtor cannot dispose of the maib liber credit line, having the obligation to supply the account with the monthly amounts to be paid, according to the repayment schedule, until the 16th of the month, or making early repayment of the debt.

The customer may end up in the passive period in case of failure to meet the eligibility criteria for the extension for a new period of use. When: After the 36-month active period expires.

The possibility of paying with the maib liber card may vary according to the internal rules of the partners. We recommend checking the payment details directly with the respective partner.

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