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self service


Maib self-service terminals are located in various locations throughout the country. Pay for the services you need in a few moments in cash or with a bank card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Terminals allow a wide range of payments to be made, including MPay, bills, etc.
Discover the new functionalities available on self-service terminals and see how convenient it is to use them.


Currently, a lot of services are provided through maib self-service terminals:

  • payment of bills for utilities, issued by 220 service providers and structured on the principle of territorial location;
  • telephone/internet/TV payment;
  • payment of state taxes and fines;
  • payment of public services through Mpay, e-vignette and many others.

frequent questions

You can pay bills outside the bank's working hours, whenever you need, quickly, conveniently, including cashless, using your bank card.

The search function on the maib self-service terminal’s main screen allows you to find the  service supplier you want.

To obtain a copy of the receipt, contact the Contact Center at the short number 1313 or write a message to the e-mail address

You only need to present the payment receipt to the service provider. The supplier should contact the bank if it has additional questions about the payment. At the same time, you can notify us about the problem by sending a message to the e-mail address and attaching a copy of the payment receipt. We'll check the transaction and get back to you quickly.

No commission is charged, regardless of which bank issued the card.

Our colleagues monitor all technical problems of the self-service terminals, intervening quickly to fix them and reprocess the payment. Call the Contact Center service at the short number 1313 to check the transaction's status or write to us at the e-mail address, attaching the payment slip and your contact details. If the transaction cannot be processed, we will refund your money by the most convenient method for you.

If you entered an amount higher than the one on the bill, you could redirect the change to pay for another service or to top up your current/card account. To choose the service provider, after completing the basic payment select the button Transfer the change of the available amount. You will be redirected to the main menu of the maib self-service terminal, where you can select the desired provider, enter the bill number/contract number/phone number depending on the selected provider, check the data entered for payment and complete the operation.
At the same time, you can request the receipt with the change code, which you will later use to pay for utilities, such as mobile or fixed telephony, internet, and television.

To use the change code, access the button Pay with the change code, located in the bottom left corner of the main screen. Afterwards, select the desired provider from the list proposed on the screen (all providers are from the telecommunications segment).
Also, the change code can be used to top up the current or card account opened at maib in MDL. To do this, select the Top upaccount button, enter the account number and follow the steps on the screen of the maib self-service terminal.

The maximum cash payment limit is 20,000 MDL. The information is displayed on the terminal screen when the payment is initiated. No limit is set for card payments other than that specified by the card-issuing bank.

Payments can be cancelled if this fact is stipulated in the contract signed with the service provider. As a rule, payments can be cancelled on the same day they were made. To check the possibility of cancelling the payment, write to us at the e-mail address, attaching a copy of the payment slip and the identity card. The payment will be verified, and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Payments made at the maib self-service terminal are processed according to the method established in the contract, which was signed by each provider. Currently, there are two types of payments – On-Line, which involves immediate data exchange, and Off-Line- NDE payments, which specifies that the information about the payment made is send to the provider at a certain time period, established in the contract of  payment services provision.

Select the service you want to pay for from the self-service terminal menu, scan the barcode or QR code on the invoice, and follow the steps on the screen. Check the correctness of the displayed data and accept the amount to be paid. Check carefully whether the amount displayed after scanning the barcode or QR code matches the amount to be paid, indicated on the invoice.

If several banknotes of the same denomination are inserted, an error may occur when counts them. As a result, there is a discrepancy in the accounting records of the cash deposited at the terminal, which is detected when it is collected. The difference in amount is refunded based on the request sent to the e-mail, with a copy of the ID card attached. After checking the information in the request and confirming the error, the money will be returned by the most convenient method for you.


Before making the transfer:

  • check if the phone number of the beneficiary declared at the bank is noted in your phone contact list;
  • make sure that the beneficiary is a maib customer and has activated the "Receive money by phone number" option in maibank

How to make a p2p transfer?

  • Access the maibank app;
  • Enter the "Payments" menu on the main screen;
  • Choose the "Transfer to a person" service;
  • In the "Beneficiary Name" field, click on the "Phonebook" icon;
  • Choose the phone number of the person who will receive the money. It must be marked with green;
  • Enter the transfer amount;
  • Confirm the transaction with the unique code received via SMS;
  • In a few seconds, the money reaches the recipient's account.


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