fast and secure money transfers from card to card
the money arrives instantly


The p2p service (fast transfer between cards) is the option that quickly helps you to transfer money from your card to another person’s card, issued by maib or another bank, at any time and from any corner of the world, in just a few moments. You can make transfers in MDL, USD and EUR.

You have quick access to the p2p service through:

  • maibank mobile app;
  • maib internet banking;
  • maibpay.md website;
  • maib ATMs

Advantages of p2p:

  • the money arrives in a few moments on the recipient’s card;
  • 100% of the money reaches the recipient because the transaction is carried out in maximum safety;
  • you can access the p2p service from any device: smartphone, iPad, computer, maib ATM;
  • the service is available 24/7.

Me to me service

Fast, transparent and convenient. This innovative service is a simple and efficient way to make transfers between personal accounts from any Visa card abroad to a card issued by maib. This way, you have your financial resources closer to you, wherever you are.

The me to me transfer service comes with several advantages:

  • instant transfers: with me to me, your money reaches its destination immediately, without waiting days for processing;
  • flexibility: you can transfer money between cards, regardless of currency;
  • safety and security: advanced encryption technologies secure and protect money transfers to prevent cyber risks and threats;
  • 24/7 availability: you can make transfers anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and your money will arrive immediately;
  • professional support: the maib team is always available to answer any questions and provide support during the transfer process, at every stage of the transaction

Transfer by phone number service

The new service simplifies the customer's experience by no longer requiring the beneficiary's card details to transfer a certain amount of money. All they need to do is know their phone number.

MIA Instant Payments Service

MIA Instant Payments facilitates instant payments by phone number. This service allows users to make p2p transfers by phone number between accounts held at the 11 banks in Moldova and other non-banking institutions. The service is available both between different people's accounts and between their own accounts.

The new service is accompanied by the "Request to pay" option, which allows you to request or receive payments from others by phone number.

Important! You need to subscribe to the MIA Instant Payments service to receive p2p transfers and use Request to Pay.


  • 0% commission up to 10 000 MDL / per month
  • available 24/7 in maibank
  • instant and free.

See here how to activate the service and make a transfer via MIA Instant Payments.

Benefits of phone number transfer

  • convenient:the transfer is done by choosing the phone number without using other beneficiary data.
  • fast:the transfer is initiated in a few clicks, and the beneficiary receives the money immediately in his account.
  • secure and confidential: visa guarantees the confidentiality of every transfer, and all levels of security are used.


To access the p2p service, it is necessary:

  • to be the holder of an active bank card from maib;
  • have a smartphone, iPad, or computer with Internet access or go to any maib ATM;

commission fees

frequent questions

The p2p service is the service that allows you to transfer money online from your maib card to other cards issued by maib or other banks in the Republic of Moldova.

The p2p transfer can only be initiated by a maib payment cardholder.

Transfers can be made between Mastercard and Visa cards.

The money transfer takes place instantly, i.e. within a few moments. However, the time it takes for the money to enter the recipient's account depends on the technical and operational possibilities of the bank that issued the card.

This is unlikely. The success of the transfer via the p2p service depends directly on the card-issuing bank of the person receiving the transfer.

The transmission and storage of payment card data are carried out following international PCI DSS standards. The p2p transfer is carried out using 3D Secure technology.

There are several reasons why you did not receive your OTP password:

  • your number is not listed in the maib database;
  • your number is incorrectly listed in the maib database;
  • you have not updated your new number

To solve the problem call the Contact Centre on short number 1313.

Carefully read the error message on the screen and follow the recommendations. If necessary, call the Contact Center on short number 1313.

Follow the steps:

  • make sure that the person who wants to send you money has your phone number noted in Contacts;
  • log into your profile in the maibank app;
  • open the app settings (button in the top left corner of the main screen);
  • go to “p2p Contacts”;
  • tick “Receive money by phone number”.

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