Access now even easier the "373" Program offered by the government and maib

Maib and the "373" Program bring great news for your business! Significant improvements have been made to give you more flexibility and accessible funding.

What is the "373" Program?

It is a government project dedicated to Moldova's micro, small and medium enterprises. With this programme, you can obtain loans with advantageous rates (7% per year in MDL) for long-term investments (up to 7 years), allowing you to develop your business.

What are the new changes to the program?

  1. Own contribution - minimum 10% of the value of the investment project, excluding VAT, which can be in the form of cash in maib accounts or, following the new changes, in other formats (including the equivalent of tangible and/or intangible assets, according to the balance sheet value).
  2. Eligible investment project - projects for which an advance payment has been made at most 30 calendar days before the date of submission of the loan application under the Program.
    New investment projects started in the last 30 calendar days before the loan application submission can now be included in the Program.
    Previously, only new credit agreements that met the Program's eligibility criteria were accepted and were granted for investments to be initiated after signing the credit agreement under the Program.
  3. If you are involved in trade and want to invest in production - now you are eligible!

We assess projects according to the direction of your investment, even if it does not necessarily correspond to the core business of your business.

These changes are designed to make the investment process easier and more affordable for your business!

These changes are designed to make the investment process easier and more affordable for your business!

Why maib in the "373" Program?

We know that taking out a loan is a big decision. That's why maib makes it easier for you to borrow and work with your bank. So you can approve your loan quickly and already have a pre-approved limit, without the need for compulsory presence at the branches, with the possibility to sign both the loan contracts and other related documents electronically.

We want to be a reliable partner, but even more, we would like to become a friend to your business.

See what benefits await you and apply now for loans under the "373" Entrepreneur Support Program at any maib branch or online. Grow your projects and expand your business.

Let’s make our country better with #maib.

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