Comunicat informativ AGOA din 28.04.2016

To the attention of the shareholders of CB "MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK" S.A.
On 28.04.2016, at MOLDCOOP located at: 67 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Str., Chisinau, Moldova, took place the Annual General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting of CB "MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK" S.A., held in the presence of its shareholders.
After examining all matters on the agenda, the Bank’s General Shareholders Meeting:
  1. Took notice of the annual financial report of CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A. for 2015 and approved the individual and consolidated financial statements of CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A. prepared according to the International Financial Reporting Standards for the financial exercise finalized at December 31, 2015, with all the explicative notes and independent audit reports of audit company “BDO Audit & Consulting” S.R.L
  2. Approved the annual Report of the Bank’s council for 2015.
  3. Approved the annual Report of the Commission of Censors for 2015.
  4. Approved the Bank’s business plan, including the budget for 2016 and the standards for the Bank’s net profit distribution for 2016.
  5. Approved certain modifications and completions in the Statute of CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A.
  6. Approved the modified Regulation of the Council of CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A.
  7. Approved the modified Corporate Governance Code of CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A.
  8. Took notice of the discontinuance on 24.04.2016 of the powers of the members of the Bank’s Commission of Censors, Mr. Ion Plescan, decided on the termination before term of the powers of member of the Bank’s Commission of Censors, Mrs. Fedosia Baciu and the Chairman of the Bank’s Commission of Censors, Mr. Petru Gutuleac and elected as members of the Bank’s Commission of Censors for a 4 (four) year term the following persons: Petru Gutuleac, Ion Plescan and Elena Munteanu. Additionally, the Shareholders Meeting elected Mr. Ion Plescan as Chairman of the Bank’s Commission of Censors.
  9. Decided on the Bank’s net profit distribution for 2015, including payment of annual dividends for 2015 in monetary form (with financial means) in the amount of 160.00 (one hundred and sixty) Moldovan lei per one of the Bank’s share in circulation. The list of shareholders with the right of receiving annual dividends for 2015 is prepared based on the situation at 14.03.2016, with the subsequent modifications, but no later than 3 days to holding the Bank’s Annual General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting.  The annual dividends for 2015 will be paid in 3 months after adopting the decision.
  10. Established the quantity of work retribution, annual remunerations and compensations of the members of the Bank’s Council.
  11. Established the quantity of work retribution and compensations of the members of the Bank’s Commission of Censors.
  12. Confirmed the audit company for conducting the ordinary mandatory audit of the Bank’s financial statements for 2016, "BDO Audit & Consulting" S.R.L. and established the quantity of their services retribution.
Taking into consideration the provisions of art.29, par.(1), letter a) of the Law on joint stock companies No.1134-XIII din 02.04.1997, with the subsequent modifications and completions, CB “MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” S.A. reminds its shareholders about the necessity of informing the person in charge of the bank’s shareholders’ Register – company of register “REGISTRU-CORECT” S.A. of all the modifications in their data inserted in the register, including in the purpose of ensuring payment of dividends according to the legislation in force.
The contact information of company of register “REGISTRU-CORECT” S.A.: office – MD-2012, 129 Vasile Alecsandri Str., Chisinau, Moldova, of.11; tel.: (+22) 22-68-40, tel./fax: (+22) 92-50-92.
Management Board of the Bank 

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