Moldova Agroindbank received the distinction “Best commercial Bank in Moldova”, 2019

One of the leading international financial journals, Global Banking & Finance Review, has named the Best Commercial Banks of the year globally. MAIB won the title “Best Commercial Bank of Moldova” in 2019.

The prize is a reconfirmation of Moldova Agroindbank’s leading position in the Republic of Moldova and an evaluation of some indicators for which the bank is appreciated by its clients. We want to point out that the leading performance indicators of MAIB were taken under the magnifying glass, implicitly assets, loans, deposits, network, diversity and accessibility of banking products and services.

“This award brings a new value to Moldova Agroindbank’s track record and motivates us to implement with even more dedication the proposed commercial strategy, which is customer oriented, business and personal needs, resonates with its values and financial objectives and pursues the success of both parties. The award is also an obligation – to continue to be better, the best for MAIB customers”, said Sergey Cebotari, Chairman of Moldova Agroindbank’s Management Committee.

Moldova Agroindbank managed to award the title “Best commercial Bank in Moldova” for the seventh consecutive year, demonstrating the consistency of policies and the efficiency of the strategies implemented by the bank.

“Global Banking & Finance review” is one of the largest and most prestigious financial media outlets, appreciated for its analyzes, interviews, news and relevant opinions. The awards presented by the publication represent the appreciation of value by the global financial Community.

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