A new gama benefit: now you decide when and how much cashback you want to withdraw

We're used to waiting until the end of the month because that's when we get the much-desired cashback earned for shopping with the maib gama card. We present a new benefit - the "Withdraw" accumulated cashback button available in maibank.

It will give you more flexibility and independence because now you can decide when and how much you withdraw from your balance account. All you have to do is access the cashback withdrawal option, which is available once you accumulate 100 MDL in your account.

Interaction for the whole gama community  

Pizza party with friends? Withdraw cashback. Have you been collecting longer for a special gift? Withdraw it at the right time. The new option can serve as a piggy bank for a beautiful purpose. Try the new "Withdraw" button to withdraw your accumulated cashback with a minimum of 100 MDL.

The amount of cashback you receive depends on how much you pay with your gama card. Depending on the maib partners, the cashback amount varies. The more payments you make, the more considerable the amount you receive back. By the way, when you make significant purchases - the cashback is also generous.

See the complete list of gama partners here.
Don't have a gama card yet? Apply now and be part of the cashback lovers community.

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