Western Union

With Western Union and maib, you are always connected to your loved ones
> 200 countries
2-10 minutes
Western Union


Transfer currency EUR, USD and MDL. In case of conversion of the transfer amount, the exchange rate established by ‘Western Union’ system applies.
Network Over 200 countries
Maximum permissible limit per day per person From 2000 USD to 7 499 USD (or the equivalent of this amount in EUR)
Transfer duration 2 - 10 minutes
Transfer validity period 90 days from the transfer (then the system automatically returns the money to the sender).
  • Favourable rates for popular destinations, such as CIS countries, Georgia, Ukraine or for transfers received in more than 12 hours;
  • Possibility to make a transfer on your behalf (convenient for planned travels);
  • Monitor online your transfer.
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Western Union is the market leader in money transfer services, with a network of more than 500,000 locations in over 200 countries. For over 150 years, millions of people have relied on Western Union to send and receive money to support their families.

How to send money through Western Union?

  • Go to any maib unit with a valid identity document (identity card or passport for non-residents);
  • Communicate the data of the beneficiary to the operator and give him/her the amount of money to be sent;
  • Pay the commission* for performing this service and receive the receipt for sending the transfer;
  • The receipt will indicate the money transfer control number (MTCN consisting of 10 digits)
  • Communicate the transfer control number to the person that will receive the money. The money can be withdrawn only in a few minutes after the transaction.**

* The commission is different depending on the amount transferred, the currency of the transaction (euro, dollars or lei), the destination (Republic of Moldova or another country) and is charged only from the sender. See the Tariffs page.

** The time of availability of money depends on the recipient country, the operating schedule of the unit from which it is to be picked up and the regulatory requirements.

How to receive money through Western Union?

  • Go to any maib unit with a valid identity document (identity card or passport for non-residents;  
  • Communicate to the operator the transfer control number (MTCN consisting of 10 digits), the name and surname of the sender, the country of origin of the money, the currency and the amount of the transfer;
  • Receive the money and the receipt.*

*All receipt operations are free of charge, the commission being paid by the sender.

Cancelling/returning/changing the money transfer

The modification, return or cancellation of the money transfer can be performed only by the bank operator and only at the maib unit where the transfer was made, if the money transfer was not issued to the beneficiary.

Changing transfer data:

  • go to maib unit with a valid identity document;
  • hand over to the operator the money transfer receipt and inform him/her of the changes you want to make*;
  • receive the receipt attesting that the transfer elements have been changed. No commission is charged for changing the transfer data.

* The data related to the name, surname, address of the payment beneficiary can be changed.

Cancelling/ returning transfer:

  • go to maib unit with a valid identity document;
  • hand over to the operator the money transfer form and let him/her know that you want to cancel the transfer;
  • receive the return receipt and collect the money.

The commission paid for sending the money can be returned only if so provided by the system;

Other commissions for cancelling the transfer are not charged.

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Este o metodă de a transfera bani instantaneu prin sisteme internaționale de plată. Poți efectua transferuri rapid și fiabil atât pe teritoriul țării, cât și în străinătate.

At maib, you can benefit from the services of the following companies: Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, Unistream, Contact, Zolotaya Korona and Privat Money.

Numărul de control are 10 cifre.
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