Maib gama universal, now also in 100% digital version

Because we like to surprise you pleasantly and keep up with innovation, we offer you a 100% digital version for your gama universal cashback card.

The gama universal digital card can be opened quickly in the maibank mobile app and activated in a few minutes. It can be used immediately as a regular card for online transactions or at POS terminals using your mobile phone. For this, it is necessary to add it to the Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or Garmin Pay electronic wallet.

Digital card data is also stored in maibank: number, validity period and CVV code.

Why choose the gama universal digital card?

You get cashback on any payment – up to 15% cashback from maib gama partners and 0.5% guaranteed cashback.

You have access to a reserve of money - at any time, you can request the opening of a credit line, and you can use the money for free for up to 60 days (grace period).

It doesn't cost you anything - opening the card is free, and servicing will be 0 MDL in case of monthly payments over 3000 MDL/150 EUR/150 USD (Smart Pricing).

How to open the gama universal digital card?

Access the maibank mobile app and choose any of the three available currencies: MDL, EUR, or USD.

At the same time, you have two other digital cards at your disposal, suitable for daily use: maib daily digital and maib freelance digital.

Maib - simple and easy!

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